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Why you need a vCIO?

A vCIO or virtual Chief Information Officer is a company hired by an organisation to serve the organisation’s Information Technology needs. The vCIO will perform the same services as a traditional CIO including planning the IT budget, creating, analysing and updating business processes and updating and maintaining the organisation’s IT infrastructure. vCIOs help businesses maintain a competitive advantage through the provision of strategic advice on how to leverage technology to provide cost savings, revenue growth, increased efficiency and risk reduction.

What will a vCIO do for your business?

  • Through the creation, implementation and maintenance of a technology strategy which includes making recommendations regarding hardware, software, backup and security.
  • They do periodic network reviews and provide insight on improving security, performance and productivity.
  • They can also provide recovery plans, do analysis of your current technology security compared to industry standard and assist with creating the manual for the company’s IT policy.
  • They can work with vendors and service providers to resolve issues relating to internet service, orders and licenses among others. They can also negotiate and coordinate with software and hardware vendors on your behalf.

A vCIO will also provide executive level IT guidance and free up your internal IT so they can focus on other business related goals. Additionally, they can provide the advice necessary for your business to make informed decisions on how to maximise the returns on your IT investment and how to reduce your financial risks due to any IT related eventuality including downtime, data loss and security breaches.

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