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Why do you need an IT Audit?

An audit is an inspection of an organisation’s accounts and systems usually by an organisation that is independent of the organisation being audited. Audits are a great way to determine how efficiently a company is operating. An IT Audit operates much the same way in that it provides a clear picture of the state of your organisation’s IT services. A comprehensive, end to end assessment will determine how effectively your IT systems are at supporting your business’ operations.

IT audits can identify issues that affect productivity and will identify crucial risk areas so plans can be made to remediate any issues that affect your IT systems.

An IT Audit will usually provide a report on several key areas including:

– Staff productivity

– The health and warranty status of the physical equipment onsite i.e. servers, workstations etc.

– Licensing and compliance of the operating systems and applications.

– Security

– Information related to vendor and service provider

– Cost Reduction Assessment

– Policies related to redundancy, backup strategy, manual processes in event of failure and security strategy A comprehensive IT audit is essential to ensuring that your organisation has a clear picture of the IT setup, the financial risk of IT including where costs can be reduced and knowing what steps to take to develop and improve operational efficiency.

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