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Is 24 hour support necessary?

IT is no longer a nine to five Monday to Friday job where if something breaks at 4:55 on a Friday it can wait until Monday kind of field. Gone are the days of two week downtimes and getting by with slow systems and faulty equipment. In the present day of IT, if it’s broken it needs to be repaired or replaced in the shortest amount of time as downtime equates to lost profits. Having a 24/7 help desk to support your business’ IT needs is no longer a luxury but a necessity for your business’ profitability and productivity.

A 24/7 help desk will provide support to your business for any technical issue they face such as with accessing emails and password resets. The help desk will be able to provide immediate support over the phone or by remotely accessing desktops. Onsite tech support may be necessary at times but with 24/7 support you can be assured that productivity will be maximised.

A 24/7 help can be used as your company’s sole IT support and will provide assistance for all your business’ IT related needs or may be used to augment the support your in-house IT team provides.

When choosing an organisation that will provide support ensure that their staff is certified and ensure that there is a way to track the level of support provided and the time frame in which it was provided. A ticketing system can track logs for issues reported and the time it took to be resolves and this can be used to measure the level of service that is being provided.

A good help desk will provide a customisable support experience that keeps your business’ productivity levels up and provides convenient and reliable 24/7 IT support for all your business’ needs.


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