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Why you need Enterprise Wi-Fi

When setting up a new location or even making changes to the configuration of an existing site upgrading to a wireless configuration over traditional fibre optic or wired cabling will become an option to consider and with a wireless setting being a more financially sound choice this is the route many businesses choose to go, after all anyone can plug in a router and be done. Any Wi-Fi enabled router connected to an online modem will provide wireless internet access but businesses require secure and stable connections and any random router hooked up to an RJ45 cable will not provide the level of support and coverage required.

When designing a layout to setup coverage for an enterprise-class Wi-Fi network consideration needs to be given to the size and layout of the site as well as the materials used in the site’s construction, the number of users, bandwidth utilisation and coverage area among others. Research needs to be done into the brands and types of routers available to choose one that will maximise coverage, provide remote support and be able to build wireless networks that can easily and reliably handle data, voice and media.

There are many benefits of an enterprise-class wireless network and they include:

  • lower infrastructure cost compared to wired networks
  • the ability to setup guest connections for persons who visit the business and may require access to the internet but are not authorised to access the business’ secure networks
  • greater connectivity with hardware devices
  • ease in monitoring and managing uptime and availability
  • the ability to connect multiple sites
  • these systems are also highly scalable so expansion is easily achievable


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