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Why Regular Systems Maintenance Activities are Important.

IT improves security, efficiency, productivity and helps make business processes run smoothly but IT systems require regular maintenance to ensure the systems themselves continue to work efficiently.
Most of the repetitive maintenance activities carried out on IT systems are done manually but can be easily automated. Manual maintenance activities can often be poorly completed or may not be completed at all as technicians forget to perform maintenance activities on schedule. This can lead to eventual systems failure and operational downtime, both of which can be very expensive. Automation of IT services can prevent this unnecessary expenditure and also reduce periods of non-productivity for staff.
Automation also allows for on demand and scheduled reporting which provides the ability to understand your IT systems health status anytime. This also generates alerts when maintenance activities fail so that they can be manually an administrator.
Several types of maintenance activities include:
  • Removal of unauthorised software from computers e.g. games, toolbars etc
  • Replacing hardware that is failing or has failed.
  • Upgrade firmware
  • Ensuring virus definitions are up to date
  • Rollout new application software
  • Ensure backups are working and perform periodic data restorals to verify integrity.
There are many benefits to automation and they include:
  • Ensuring that mission critical software assets remain protected
  • Maintaining an acceptable level of security
  • Ensuring that IT systems keep running at optimal levels
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