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Why your business needs Managed Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

The widespread use of computers means that we are saving more and more important information in soft copy rather than in filing cabinets and desk drawers. This is great from a productivity perspective as time is saved locating and retrieving information stored, data can be accessed by multiple parties at the same time and this information cannot be easily misplaced or lost…or can it?
Data stored locally without backups can be easily destroyed for a number of reasons. Hard drives fail, equipment may be physically damaged or stolen and user error are causes of data destruction.
To prevent significant data loss, it is recommended for your business to have a managed, offsite backup service that is secure and is automated so regular backups can be scheduled as manual backup processes such as to tape are inefficient and can result in wasted time. This service will protect the business for data loss including from malware and corruption.
The frequency of backups scheduled should depend on the type of business you manage but daily backups are a great way to minimise the amount of data lost if an issue occurred between backups. Automated backups often send notifications advising that a successful backup has occurred and alerts when there was a problem with the backup so an administrator can resolve any problems. This automated process means that someone doesn’t have to remember to manage the process.
An effective disaster recover plan not only ensures that your data is protected through backups but also allows a way to access data should the physical equipment be damaged. This service will provide the business with all the necessary tools to resume operations within an acceptable time-frame.
Benefits of a Managed Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Service
  • Secure backups to a different physical location
  • Protection from malware, natural disasters, theft, flood and other threats
  • Military-grade encryption of your data before and during transfer, and at rest
  • Fully automated daily backups
  • the ability to resume operations even if our hardware is destroyed
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