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Why Cyber Security is necessary for your business’ safety.

Cyber security is the technologies and processes used to protect systems and data from attacks such as full scale malicious attacks to unauthorised access of programmes. Cyber security is a necessity for anyone using technology to store or transfer data and is especially important for businesses which are more susceptible to attacks.

As such, cyber security has become a significant source of financial risk to organisations worldwide and should be an integral component of any organisation’s risk management plan. What this means for you is that cyber security should be on your business’ radar as essential for the continued safety of your organisation’s data.

Not all businesses will face the same level of risk so identifying and understanding the level of risk your business faces will allow you to close any gaps in your IT security and develop a response plan for the business should a security breach occur. This will ensure you face as little downtime as possible and help you to be back up and running smoothly.

For this to be effective, security assessments need to be an ongoing activity to ensure your business’ IT security does not fall below a certain threshold.

A cyber security team should provide a wide range of standards-based services to help your business reduce risk, remediate issues, defend your systems, and build resilience against attacks. A good cyber security team should provide these key services as they are necessary for reducing the risk of attacks and the resulting losses from attacks, provide insight into how secure your systems are and create an approach that allows your business to quickly recover from an attack.

An effective cyber security team should be able to perform tests on your systems and network and  provide contingency plans. When choosing your team, ensure that they will be able to provide assistance in these areas:

  • Penetration Testing (Internal & External)
  • Security Audits
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Systems Hardening
  • Risk Assessment
  • Incident Response Planning
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