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How NAWASA Saved USD $9,000/year with Mod1’s Enterprise Wireless

Title: How NAWASA Saved USD $9,000/year with Mod1’s Enterprise Wireless

Summary: NAWASA (The National Water & Sewerage Authority), one of Grenada’s local utility companies, needed a cost effective solution to connect their main office in Carenage to their data center in Observatory.

About Client: NAWASA, National Water and Sewage Authority, is a utility company in Grenada which provides services throughout the island and supplies over 30,000 customers.

Challenges: Prior to partnering with Mod1, NAWASA was paying approximately USD$9,000/year for a 5Mbps Metro-E fiber link from a local ISP to connect their main office to their data center in another physical location. Despite this, issues with IT systems occurred regularly related to report generation, and file and application access. At the end of the month when customers came in to pay bills, system access would slow down to the point of causing long lines, causing customer frustration and crippling operational efficiency.

Recommendations: MOD1 recommended the installation of a point-to-point wireless backhaul link at a one-off cost of approximately USD $2,200 between the two locations. This link would provide speeds of up to 300Mpbs.

Results: NAWASA accepted the recommendations and installed the wireless link which provided a speed increase of 60 times that of the original Metro-E fiber link. Additionally, as the cost was one-off, the company has saved an average USD$9,000 per year once the Metro-E service was terminated. The slow speed issue resulting in hindered operational efficiency, long lines and issues with report generation, and file and application access was resolved and the cashiers at the main location were able to process payments without delays.

MOD1’s awareness of new technology and how they can be leveraged to deliver cost savings and operational efficiency is one way we deliver tremendous value to businesses we serve.

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